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1.2. Training of mentors

Training of mentors is the opportunity to improve the knowledge and skills of apiary specialists. The goal is to create an activity group of experienced mentors who could act as lectors in training and information events of regional organizations.

1.3. Nationwide seminars and special events

Nationwide seminars and special events are the traditional get-together and exchange of information events of the Estonian apiculture sector where beekeepers are provided with up-to-date information and technological know-how is shared.

1.9. International meetings and congresses

International meetings, congresses provide a gateway for finding contacts and broaden communication opportunities with beekeepers and apiculture organizations form other EU countries. This is likewise the venue for receiving information and increasing knowledge. Special emphasis is laid on communication with beekeepers from Nordic and Baltic countries (i.e. annual meeting of the Nordic and Baltic Apiculture Board and academic conference).

1.4. Seminars for local beekeepers organizations

Seminars for local beekeepers organizations provide apicultural basic and continuing training and consulting, increase the sustainability of apiculture and promote apiculture as an environmentally friendly rural field of production. The Apiculture Programme supports local seminars according to the assigned activities and volumes (i.e. rent of rooms, organizational costs, lecture fees, transportation and travel expenses).

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