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Welcome to the website of Apiculture Programme!

The Programme is based on - Council Regulation (EC) no 1234/2007 and Commission Regulation (EC) no 917/2004 regarding production and marketing of apiculture products in EU member countries

- To support the actions involving beekeepers and apiculture organizations as appointed by the EU

At the moment we are in the III period of the Apiculture Programme (I 2004–2007; II 2007–2010; III 2010–2013); the programme for the years 2013–2016 is currently being drafted.

The Development Programme of the Apiculture Sector is co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Estonia.
The programme supports the appointed measures (activities) within the financial boundaries set by the EU.

The number of bee colonies is directly related to the financial support allocated to the apiculture sector of Estonia, therefore the colonies should be registered in the register of farm animals of ARIB (Agricultural Registers and Information Board) and provide respective information to the Statistical Board upon request.

The main objective of the Programme
The development of Estonian apiculture sector is based on improved conditions of production and marketing of apiculture products.

Associated objectives
To preserve the rural way of life in Estonia, support the development of rural areas and increase employment through apiculture.
To produce a sufficient amount of local honey and other apiculture products in order to satisfy the needs of the expanding honey market.
To improve the balance of the biome of natural and cultivated species by increasing the number of colonies and spreading the pollinating activity of bees.

The Apiculture Programme involves four measures:
I Technical assistance of apiarists and beekeepers’ organizations
II Disinfestation and prevention of varroasis
III Assessment and management of honey quality
IV Increasing the number of bee colonies

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