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2.0. Disinfestation and prevention of varroasis

The main objective of the measure is to decrease varroasis, which is the major reason, causing colonies to become weak and eventually perish. The goal is improvement of beekeeping profitability.

In the framework of the measure the following is involved:

  • Based on a study of Estonian apiaries, climatically suitable, effective and economical methods for disinfestation of varroasis are investigated that could allow the use of organic acids and other environmentally friendly measures instead of pesticides.
  • The level of varroa mites and effectiveness of treatment schemes is examined in studying apiaries by using screen bottom boards and pitfalls (trapping combs).
  • Beekeepers are consulted regarding the prevention, diagnostics and disinfestation of varroasis, as well as possible treatment resistance. They are also assisted in finding suitable treatment schemes or remedies.

Consultations are provided by chairperson of the measure Mr Aado Oherd, veterinarian ( ; +372 56684075).

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